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December 11th, Craft gift of the day

11 December 2013  |  Nicola

Today's gift of the day is new in this very day!

It's a superb little collection of Christmas themed wood mounted stamps in a home spun cross stitch style.  It also comes with a black ink pad so all you need to get started in something to stamp.  We suggest tags, gift wrap and of course, Christmas cards, but you can use them on anything with a flat surface :)

The little stamp are a very cute sized 2x2cm, with the larger reindeer being 4x4cm and the Merry X-mas being 4x2cm.

It's overall set size is 8.5x8.5cm so makes for a beautiful stocking filler and it's £5.99 price tag means it's a contender for a secret santa gift too.  And today, we're making a little easier with an extra 10% off, just £5.39.

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