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DIY Concrete Plant Pot Tutorial

22 September 2016  |  Nicola

Easy concrete pot made with concrete paste and acrylic paint

Concrete is one of the biggest craft trends at the moment; Pinterest is awash with plant pots, chairs, table tops, desk tidies and pendants in beautiful shades of grey, and there are several different takes on textures too. We recently added some concrete craft products designed with makers in mind, and today we've got a super easy concrete plant pot DIY for you - and you won't need to go anywhere near B&Q!

Materials needed to make a faux-concrete pot

You will need:

Viva decor Concrete Effect Creative Set

A paintbrush that you don't mind using with concrete

A plant pot

A small craft trowel

Acrylic paint

A paintbrush for painting with

Applying the first layer of concrete paste with a paintbrush

1. Begin by painting a thin layer of the concrete paste onto your pot, and leaving to dry thoroughly. (We took it up and over the top, and around halfway down the inside of the pot as well.)

2. Once the first layer is dry, repeat the process but make the layer thicker. If you want a really smooth effect, use your trowel or a damp sponge to even out any bumps.

Applying the concrete glaze to the pot

3. Once dry, apply both the light and dark glazes to give texture and depth to your pot. Leave to dry.

Painting the concrete pot with acrylic paint

4. Finish by painting your pot in your chosen colours with acrylic paints; we went with turquoise and copper, because they're our current favourites!

5. Leave to dry, then pop a plant inside and admire!

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