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Five Easy Ways to Make your Gifts Stand Out

17 December 2015  |  Nicola

Add some standout touches to your gifts

If you’ve found (or made!) the perfect present this Christmas, you’re going to want to make the wrapping as exciting as what’s inside. These days, you can buy all sorts of fancy wrapping paper and eclectic gift toppers, but it’s always fun to make your own – today, we’ve got five great tips on making your gift stand out from everything else under the tree.

1. Add some of nature’s goodies

For anyone who’s a fan of all things rustic, adding natural little touches to a gift can make all the difference. Small pieces of foliage, wrapped with winter flowers and tucked into a ribbon look beautiful, or for something more simple, try a couple of sprigs of eucalyptus. If you want something more colourful, add dried orange slices, pinecones and dried chillis.

Scrapbook paper can add some colour and pattern to your parcels

2. Use scrapbook paper

You can do almost anything with scrapbook paper, which is why we love it so much – but at Christmas, it really comes in handy. We made some simple star bunting using two types of paper and some bakers twine, but you could do almost anything; cut out the recipients name, make some simple paper bows or whip up a couple of miniature pinwheels.

3. Get crafty with clay

Clay is a great material to work with, because it’s very forgiving and is so versatile. We like both FIMO and air drying clay, which can be used to make recyclable gift tags; simply roll your clay out, cut out a shape and stamp the recipients name into it using dry letter stamps. Alternatively, use different textured fabrics to create imprints; think a woollen jumper, a doily, leaves and stamps.

4. Print your own

Arm yourself with some plain brown paper and a stamp, and almost anything is possible. Printing your own wrapping paper is quick, easy and can be as simple or as complex as you choose to make it; use ready-made stamps, or create your own from foam or rubber, then cover your paper in shapes, pictures and words.

Add some sparkle with glitter paper fanwheel toppers

5. Add some sparkle

Let’s face it, it’s not Christmas without a bit of sparkle; our glittery papers come in an array of colours and sizes, and will add a bit of light and life to your gift wrapping in minutes. We used ours to make paper fanwheels, but you could just as easily make bows, bunting or name tags to top your parcel with.

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