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Get Creative with Craft Scraps

28 June 2016  |  Nicola

Leftover ink pads are handy for stencilling with

One of the most annoying things about loving lots of different crafts is just how many odds and ends you find yourself with after each project; pieces of fabric and felt that aren't quite big enough to do anything with, leftover ink pads that are doomed to sit in the cupboard and piles of paper that you're just not sure what to do with. Today, we've taken three of our most frequently used products, and come up with some inventive ways to save throwing the leftovers in the bin. 

DIY Geometric Plant Pot

We made this using a stencil, and an ink pad that we'd used for a card-making project and then not gotten around to doing anything with. Simply place your stencil onto the pot, then press down firmly until the negative space is filled with ink and leave to dry thoroughly. Once the ink has set, remove the stencil and give the pot a coat of spray varnish to make completely sure it's waterproof - you don't want ink everywhere when you water your plants! Another tip is to make sure the ink is suitable for the job - a lot are only suitable for paper, so look for Versacraft pads or Stazon, both of which are designed for 3D objects and surfaces. 

Small pieces of ribbon can be stitched to elastic and made into handy bookmarks

Five-Minute Bookmarks

Here at StickyTiger HQ, one thing we always find ourselves overrun with is ribbon and haberdashery - not enough to actually use in a sewing project, but far too much to throw in the bin (the horror!). We came up with the idea of making bookmarks from the last pieces of ribbon on a roll, and they literally couldn't be easier; simply cut a piece of ribbon slightly longer than the length of a book, and a piece of elastic slightly shorter. Press the ends together, stitch in place (it should look a bit like a small headband!) and stretch around the front or back cover of your book. No more lost pages, and no more ribbon scraps!

Printed paper scraps can be made into a cool geometric print or card

DIY Wall Print 

We absolutely LOVE paper here at StickyTiger; any colour, any print, anything goes - the possibilities for crafts with paper really are endless. But again, you always seem to end up with half a sheet here, or a piece with a shape cut out there - they don't need to be resigned to the recycling bin, though, because you can turn them into fabulous DIY wall prints! Simply spend some time cutting and sticking simple printed paper shapes into an arrangement you like, then trim around the edges and hang up. You could also add things to the edge, such as fringing or pompom trim, and if you happen to have a scanner, you could transfer your creation to your computer, then blow it up and have it printed out on a large-scale!

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