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Inky Rollers and Refillable Alcohol Ink Pens

3 June 2010  |  Nicola

Take a peek at these tutorials we posted to compliment some of our latest craft tools.

Alcohol Ink Refillable Pen

Not sure how to use the Alcohol Ink Pen? This video will show you:


These rollers (also known as brayers) come in small, medium and large to compliment the popular range of stamp pads from Ranger but what do you do with them? A brayer is a roller, made of rubber - similar in style to paint rollers, but with (not surprisingly) rubber rather than paint pad. There are many ways to use a brayer, mainly based on what you add to the roller to vary the texture and how you ink it.

A great way of getting random lines is by wrapping the roller with elastic bands then rolling the brayer onto ink then on your project. You could vary the effects by sticking objects to the roller with a non-permanent adhesive, such as bubble wrap, scrunched up cling film, even clear stamps. You can also vary the effect by adding different ink effects like borders, edging, repetitive patterns and washes. For a plain colour, remember to roll, lift and repeat when adding ink to get an even coverage. Take a look at the video to see it all in action:


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