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Inspiring Craft Spaces: Junkaholique

25 February 2015  |  Nicola

Artemis Russell's light and bright workshop shed

Here at StickyTiger, we think the space you make in is just as important as the project itself; whether you’re someone who likes to take your embroidery or knitting to a local café, or you’ve got a dedicated space for sewing and creating, your surroundings often play a vital part in the creative process. For the new year, we’ve got a new series here on the StickyTiger blog which showcases some of our favourite crafty spaces; from beautiful sheds and spare bedrooms to workshops and garages, we’re having a nosy inside the studios of some of our favourite crafters. We’re kicking off the series this week with the lovely Artemis from the hugely popular Junkaholique blog.

A blouse made by Artemis for her daughter

Handmade soft toys

Adult-sized smock handsewn by Artemis

If you’ve never read the Junkaholique blog, you’re almost definitely missing out; full of beautiful handmade projects, interiors, antiques and local explorations, it’s somewhere we always head to gather inspiration and give our eyes a bit of a treat. Artemis is a talented sewer, and creates wonderful soft furnishings, toys and homewares from her workshop-shed; overlooking the beautiful Isle of Wight, this little haven is definitely one of our favourite creative spaces.

We love all sorts of things about the shed, but the storage is the bit that really got us going; from the cotton reels displayed on knitting needles to the vintage wire baskets and old wooden crates, there’s something beautifully rustic and nostalgic about the way things are organised. We were lucky enough to grab five minutes with Artemis to talk all things shed-like….

The main view of the Junkaholique shed

Creative storage in Artemis' shed

Hi Artemis, we’re huge fans of your lovely shed, but we have to ask – what’s your favourite thing about it?

I love having my shed, as it’s the only place I can keep all my things for making and sewing without having to pack it all up each time when I’m finished. I love having a place where no-one else can go without my permission!

Do you think having a dedicated place to make things makes the process easier?

It does make it much easier to make the most out of the little time I get with our toddler around; I can just get on with it straight away, and then leave all the mess and go indoors to make dinner!

The beautiful view across the Isle of Wight

Rustic style storage

What is your favourite type of craft?

I started mainly weaving a few years ago, but then we invested in a sewing machine for work, which ended up only being used by me. I started teaching myself to sew; just small projects to begin with, and recently I’ve started knitting and I’m also getting into woodwork!

Are you planning on learning any new skills this year?

My projects for the coming year are wood based; that is, I’d like to become more confident at making things from wood. I’m also thinking about maybe doing some print making – I love making things for my toddler, but there are only so many soft toys and knitted scarves that she’ll appreciate!

Yarn storage

Cotton reels stored in jam jars

Many thanks to Artemis for her time, and for her kind permission for image use. All pictures are the property of Artemis Russell, and should not be reproduced without prior consent.



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