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Lest we Forget: Remembrance Day Poppy Crafts

2 Comments7 November 2014  |  Nicola

Felt poppy corsage and hair clip


Remembrance Day is approaching, and while it’s traditional to sport a poppy somewhere on your bag or jacket during the weeks before and after, there are alternatives to the humble paper version that we all know and love. We found some great inspiration on the internet, from long-lasting knitted and crocheted versions to poppies for your hair and walls.

Felt poppy headband


Felt poppies are really, really easy to make, and you can embellish them with so many different things; from simple circles to intricate petals adorned with beads, buttons and sequins, the only limit is your imagination.

We love: The super simple felt poppy hairclip tutorial over at Ordinary Mommy Design, the felt poppy headband at byAgnes on Etsy, and the felt poppies by Accidental Vix, which donates £3 from each one sold to the British Legion.

Lovely paper poppy DIYs


Paper poppies are a little more delicate, but just as easy to make. We stumbled across some crafted from paper cake-cases, tissue paper, and some even collected together in bunches; the advantage of paper is that it resembles real poppy petals – but be warned, they won’t withstand typical British November weather!

We love: The beautiful DIY paper flower corsages at Oh Happy Day (and there is also a rose tutorial below it – perfect for other occasions!), and the delicate paper poppies at DIY Real.

Crochet and knit poppy patterns

Crochet poppy patterns

Knit and Crochet

Knitted and crocheted poppies are the longest lasting alternatives of all; made from a few simple stitches, and finished with beads or buttons, they’re quick to make and require next to no materials.

We love: Womans Weekly are offering free knit and crochet poppy patterns on their website, and there’s another super version on Maggie’s Crochet Blog. On knitting and crochet community website Ravelry, designer Suzanne Resaul has offered a free pattern which is constructed in one piece and requires absolutely no sewing.

DIY poppy wreath and embroidery hoop


Alternative Designs

Anyone who wants to stand out and show their support another way, can commemorate the day by opting for something other than a poppy for their lapel.

We love: The DIY poppy wreath tutorials at The Handcrafted Life and Mama. Papa. Bubba are great for hanging on your front door, or placing at a memorial, and we thought the embroidered poppies at Sidereal on Etsy was simply beautiful.

If you do decide to make your own poppy this year, or buy one from an alternative source, don't forget to make a donation to the British Legion - you can do so by clicking here.

22 September 2016  |  10:32

Hi Paula,

Thanks for your comment - we're not too sure which pattern you mean though? The patterns we linked to were four-petal poppies and one more frilly version (these are all still live and available) - the five petal poppy we featured was actually an item for sale on Folksy and the pattern instructions weren't included. Do let us know if we can help in any other way though!

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