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Lisa Pavelka Clay & UTEE accessories

4 May 2011  |  Nicola
We've been looking for some time for a range of pendant trays and bevels to create beautiful and inspiring pieces of jewellery with 3d mediums.  Well, we have great news in that we are now the proud stockists of Lisa Pavelka's Signature Series product line.  Take a look at what we have in store.

Make incredible polymer clay border designs to embellish your clay and crafting projects quickly and easily. These designs make excellent scrapbook borders and photo frames. The open ended cavities make removing borders a snap and minimize stretching and distortion. For an elegant effect, apply Lisa Pavelka’s foils or add mica powders to the clay snakes before inserting and pressing to mould. For a more dramatic look rub acrylic paint into the baked borders and wipe away the excess to create an “antiqued” look. Your borders can be securely attached to uncured clay, baked clay or other surfaces using Lisa Pavelka’s Poly Bonder glue. You can use hot melt glues, ultra thick embossing enamels, soap, metal or air dry clays for different types of border projects! 

Magic-Glos Create enhanced faux dichro and domed cabochon effects with multiple layer applications or dimensional effects such as water droplets and raised patterns. There is no shrinkage; crystal clear results; and is waterproof. Magic-Glos® cures with sunlight or a UV Light and no additional sealing or cleansing methods are required. Apply and cure Magic-Glos® over and over again. It's great for mixing or embedding glitter, dried flowers, beads, charms, and found objects!

Jewellery Findings

These Jewellery Findings have a bezel design, which makes them perfect for creating unique pieces from 3 dimensional medium, such as resin or clay.  

We have two main types on sale.  The bezel findings to make pendants (sometimes known as pendant trays) come ready to hang, no soldering or wire wrapping is required.  All you need to do is create your design within the well of the pendant and hang on to your chosen necklace.  The earring blanks also come ready to use so no pliers or jump rings needed here!

Texture Stamps

Lisa Pavelka's range of texture stamps come in a variety of unique patterns; each being extra deep to give very detailed imprints - whether they are used in 2 or 3 dimensional work.  Each stamp comes unmounted to give you the flexibility of using them with polymer clay, paper, fabrics, wood, glass, metal clay and more.   


 See the full Lisa Pavelka range here.

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