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New in - Spring/Summer 2012

14 June 2012  |  Nicola

For the uninitiated, Spring in the Craft World marks the release of most major craft innovations. Mainly because there's a huge trade event in the US where lots of lovely new ideas get mooted and/or released, which is followed soon after by its release in the UK.  It can take a while to trickle through though so we often find them arriving in the summer.

We like to keep our stock fresh and current so we work hard to select items that we think our customers like - they're not always the obviously mainstream products you'll find on QVC and Create and Craft (although they sometimes find their way to us, if we think they're good value and quality) because we reckon our customers like the quirky and original.

So, here's our showcase of some of the goodies we've got for the season.


There are a number of reasons to support the UK this year - the Olympics, the Queens Jubilee and if you're English, the Euro Football Championships - and that's without realising how great our country is all year round!

Best of British 

Martha Stewart Crafter's Clay

Proving very popular, what makes this clay so great is that with just 4 core colours and the white clay, it's possible to make any colour clay you like. What's even better is that it's non toxic and air dries in 24 hours.  Add in some wonderfully cute molds and you've got yourself a whole load of creative fun.


Smash by K & Company

A limited release of products form this range last year gave us a glimpse of how versatile this collection was.  This year's highly anticipated re-release offers a fuller range.  So what's so good about it? Well, it's suitable for journalling beginners and experts alike with a wonderful array of pockets, hidey places, lists, tags and all manner of journalling accessories to make recording your memories and storing your keepsakes fun.

Smash by K & Co 

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