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New in Stock: Concrete Crafts

8 August 2016  |  Nicola

Concrete is one of the most versatile craft materials on the market

It's finally here! We're very pleased to announce that we're now stocking the wonderful Viva Decor Concrete Crafts materials *blows party tooter*

There are two products that differ depending on what you want to do; firstly, the concrete for creatives is for anyone who wants to use their concrete with a mold - so if you're wanting to make your own jewellery, candle holders, pots and so on, then this is for you. It's fantastically quick drying, and is a low-dust product, so it's fine to use indoors. 

Secondly, the concrete paste is ideal if you want a quick project - you can turn anything into a concrete style object, simply by painting it over the top of the existing object. You can turn anything from plates and flower pots to chairs, bottle, jugs and vases into concrete, with just the use of a paintbrush or small trowel. How's that for nifty?!

You can see the full range of products here. Happy concrete-ing!

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