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New In Stock! Design Your Own Marquee Lights

31 May 2015  |  Nicola

We're giddy with excitement here at StickyTiger as we've recently taken stock of these gorgeous Marquee Love light kits - just in time for the wedding and summer party season!

We've seen these vintage Broadway style lights around and admired them from afar - our budget just wouldn't stretch that far. But thanks to the fabulous Heidi Swappe, we can make our own exactly as we'd like them.

Create gorgeous marquee lights the way you want them

The Marquee Love range comes in each of the 26 letters of the alphabet, and ampersand, a star and an arrow.  Each kit comes with a sturdy but lightweight character shape, an LED light strand, clear bulb caps, a tracing template and instructions. The lights take 2 x AAA batteries (they're not included) and have an on/off battery switch. Now the fun begins! 

Make your marquee lights unique with glitter, paper and tape

The letter can be painted, decoupaged, glittered, taped, lined with paper, or simply left as is before inserting the lights and adding the caps. To make it even easier, the Heidi Swappe tape range come in two widths - the 7/8 inch version fits the inner sides of the shape and the 2 inch version fits the outer edges of the shape. Prefer the lights in pink or blue? No problem, just change the bulb covers.

See the full range to choose accessories so making it personal is even easier.

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