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Quick and Easy DIY Christmas Cards

18 December 2014  |  Nicola

Easy bauble Christmas cards


When it comes to making your own Christmas cards, the possibilities are pretty much endless; from simple pre-cut embellishments and lettering to more complicated scrapbook designs, there’s something for every crafter to have a go at. If you want to make someone a special card, but don’t have a lot of time to spare, our super simple paper bauble greetings cards could be just what you’re looking for.

Scrapbook paper, card blanks and washi tape

You Will Need:

Festive scrapbook paper

Card Blanks

Plain white card

Plain dark card

Bakers twine

Washi tape

Double-sided small sticky foam pads

Glue gun

Glue stick

Sharp scissors and a craft knife (the knife is optional, but helpful)

1. Start by choosing your bauble shapes and make templates from the white card.

2. Place your templates onto the scrapbook paper and draw round them, then cut them out. The craft knife is handy for getting the curves on the baubles smooth, but isn’t essential.

Cardboard templates and scrapbook paper baubles

3. Cut out separate tops for the baubles from the dark card, then stick them on using the glue stick.

4. Place a couple of sticky pads onto the back of each bauble, then stick them onto your card blank. The sticky pads make them stand out from the background, and appear to be more 3D.

5. Add your bakers twine for the strings, and any washi tape to finish. 

Scrapbook paper bauble Christmas cards

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