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Quick and Easy Wooden Ornaments

10 December 2015  |  Nicola

Stitched wooden disc decorations


Rustic style wooden Christmas decorations have been getting more and more popular over the last few years, but if you’re more into colour and pattern than nature and greenery, you can still join in with the trend. We’ve come up with two quick tutorials that combine the simplicity of wood with bright and cheerful Christmas colours.

Stitched Wooden Disc Ornaments

We used wooden discs in a tutorial last Christmas, and we’re using them again this year because they’re so versatile. Last year we stamped them and adorned them with foliage, this time we’re stitching into them with brightly coloured embroidery thread.

You will need:

Wooden discs of various sizes

A drill with a 2.5mm drill bit

Embroidery thread in various colours and needle

1. Decide what shapes you want to stitch, and then trace them onto your wooden disc. We went with good old traditional stars, a heart and a geometric diamond.

2. Mark where you want your holes to be, and then drill carefully through the disc.

3. Leaving a long end, stitch through the holes until your shape is complete. Finish off by taking the thread back up to the top to meet the long end, creating a hanging loop.

Christmas trees made from driftwood

Jolly Wooden Christmas Trees

You can have hours of fun creating a whole forest of these trees in all different sizes and colours. Hang them on your tree, hang them on the wall or make them into a lovely garland and string them up above the fireplace.

You will need:

Driftwood sticks

Washi tape

Colourful pompom trimming

A glue gun and glue sticks

Sharp scissors

A craft knife

A drill with a 2.5mm drill bit

1. Choose a long piece of wood, and then several other pieces in various lengths. Arrange them into a Christmas tree shape, and make a note of which piece goes where.

2. Cover your pieces of wood in washi tape, trimming the ends neatly with the craft knife.

3. Take your longest piece, and drill a hole through the top – this is where the hanging loop will go.

4. Using the glue gun, attach the shorter pieces of wood to the longer base, into your Christmas tree shape.

5. Finish by trimming your miniature tree with pompoms, ribbon or fringing, then hang up and admire!

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