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Stamping onto 3D Objects

9 September 2014  |  Nicola

Plant pot stamped with typewriter style letters

Although most people know you can stamp onto all types of paper and even several different fabrics, not everyone realises that you can use the same techniques onto 3D objects such as plant pots, vases, lampshades and other curved objects. Although it sounds quite fiddly, if you use the right combination of ink pad and stamp, it’s no more difficult than stamping onto a flat surface, and can produce some really quirky and individual results. We’ve put together a tutorial with our top tricks and tips to help you brighten up that plain plant pot, using simple letter stamps and some hardy waterproof ink.

3d stamping tutorials materials

You Will Need:

One plain plant pot, preferably with a matt finish

Versafine Ink Pad in Onyx Black (or whatever colour you choose)

Typewriter Alphabet Clear Stamp Set

EZ Mount Foam Sheet or Tack N Peel Reusable Cling Sheet

Clear Spray Varnish

1. Start by choosing the words, phrase or quote you want to stamp on the side of the pot; we went with a line from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, simply because it was about plants, but you could opt for anything from lines from a song to a simple ‘grow’ or ‘water me’.

2. Work out the layout of your words or phrase, and then peel the letters from the clear backing. Arrange the first couple of words onto the Tack N Peel or EZ Mount Foam Sheet, then press the ink pad lightly over them, until they’re all evenly covered.

Clear stamp on foam mount

3. Press the stamp onto the side of the pot – it’s important to take your time and not rush, otherwise you could end up with ink blobs and smudges, or the stamp itself could slide off.

4. Remove the letters from your mount, then add the next couple of words. Stamp these onto the side of the pot in the desired place, then repeat the process until the end of the sentence.

5. Leave your pot to dry THOROUGHLY, for at least twenty-four hours.

6. Once you're sure the ink is dry, spray your pot with a couple of coats of clear varnish, making sure it has time to dry in between coats. This will make sure the ink doesn't smudge when it comes into contact with water or hands. Leave to dry in a ventilated area, then add your plant, sit back and admire.

Plant pot stamped with versafine

Our Top Tips

While stamping onto a 3D object isn’t really much different to stamping onto paper, there are some key points to remember which will make life a bit easier, and help you to avoid mistakes.

1. Consider what your item is going to be used for, and then decide which ink pad is the best one for the job; some are more suited to ceramics, while others are better for surfaces like wood.

2. While you’re not limited with regards to what you can stamp, you can only use certain types of stamps on 3D objects; wooden ones and pre-mounted are both out, because their hard back makes them unflexible. Unmounted and cling mount stamps are ideal – once they’re attached to the Tack N Peel or EZ Mount Foam Sheet, they remain  flexible, which means they can mould themselves to the item you’re stamping onto.

3. Don’t try to stamp too much in one go – keeping it small, and doing a bit at a time will produce far better results than trying to rush and ending up with smudges, smears and blurred parts. 

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