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Stunning New Stamps

7 August 2010  |  Nicola

We've just taken stock of some absolutely stunning stamps and we need to showcase them!

From Imagination Stamps, we're retailing these at introductory price of £5.56.  The reverse images give a lovely distress background look but you can add more ink directly to your project if solid colour is your thing.   


They come as unmounted stamps.  For the uninitiated, these are the rubber die part of the stamp.  They come rough cut for you to mount and trim and have many benefits.  


  • They're cheaper than wood mounted ones and because they're lighter they also save on P&P
  • Saves tonnes of space over wood mounted stamps 
  • You can attach them to your roller brayer along with other embellishments to make a unique creation
  • Use them on 3 d projects (clay, for example) whilst they're unmounted and flexible

So how do you mount them?  Well, we stock 2 kinds of products you can use to mount stamps.

Tack N Peel Tack N Peel sheet

A bit more expensive but in our opinion, well worth it if you use a lot of unmounted stamps is Tack N Peel.  Get a clean acrylic block, remove your Tack N Peel from its packet and trim to the size of the block. Attach your unmounted stamp to the block and voila!  Remove and replace with different unmounted stamps, saving you time and money in the long term.

Handy Tips: Trim to the outline of the stamp (being careful not to cut into the rubber) to help you position the stamp better.  If it starts to lose its stickiness over timed, simply wash and let it dry naturally.  Best stored away from heat and direct sunlight.


This is a more traditional form of mounting stamps.  It's cheaper to purchase and once you've applied the mount the first time, it will work just like other rubber mounted stamps.

To use, trim the rubber die leaving a small border but being careful not to undercut your stamp.  Cut a piece of Kling-On slightly larger than the die, peel away the paper from the sticky side of the cushion, and press the die on to it. Trim again, leaving a border of a few millimetres, again being careful that the cut slopes away from the design, not underneath it. Press the cushion side firmly on a clear acrylic block and use as you would do normally.

The Kling-On will adhere time and time again to the acrylic block making it easy to use different designs on the same block.

Update: We have now replaced Kling-On with EZ Mount, it works just the same but we think it's better!

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