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Super Easy Easter Garland

12 April 2014  |  Nicola

Easter paper garland

Easter is the perfect time for two things; eating and crafting, and here at StickyTiger, we like to combine the two as much as possible. From handmade baskets to display decorated eggs in, to garlands and bunting to brighten up your home over the Easter weekend, there’s nothing better than sitting down with a chocolate egg in one hand, and a good craft project in the other. We’ve come up with a couple of tutorials for you that make perfect quick weekend projects; first up, the 3D paper egg bunting.

Mod Podge and scrapbooking papers

You will need:

Plenty of patterned paper -12-inch scrapbook pages are ideal (we've used Agua, Capsella, Emma, Ipomea and Her Smile)

Plain card

Sharp scissors, preferably fairly small ones


Sewing needle

Thread or embroidery thread

1. Either draw or print out your egg shape onto a sheet of card, and then cut it out to make a cardboard template.

Easter egg paper cut outs

2. Each 3D egg is made up of five flat paper eggs – so work out how many eggs you want in each pattern, and then multiply it by five to find out how many flat eggs you need to cut out.

3. Place your template onto the wrong side of your patterned card, then draw round it and cut it out. Repeat this until you have enough pieces to make your 3D eggs.

3D Easter paper eggs

4. To construct your first 3D egg, take your five flat shapes and fold them in half lengthways, so the right side faces inwards. Glue one half of your first shape on the outside, then stick a second flat shape to it, so you have something that looks a bit like a ‘T’ – repeat this around, until you eventually have a 3D egg.

3D Easter paper eggs

5. Repeat the process until you have enough eggs to string into a garland.

String 3D Easter paper eggs

6. Thread your needle with cotton or a few strands of embroidery thread, then push the needle through the centre of each shape, about 5mm from the top.

7. String your garland up, and congratulate yourself with a good helping of chocolate!

Easter egg garland

Paper Easter garland

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