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The Top Three Crafts for 2015

26 January 2015  |  Nicola

A new year is a great time to learn a new craft; a fresh start is the perfect opportunity to teach yourself some new skills, either alone or in a group through local classes. Today, we’ve rounded up our top three crafts to try in 2015 – and the best news is that there are plenty of tutorials for all three online, so you can take it completely at your own pace.

Geometric colourful woven wallhangings

Woven paper ball decorations


With Maryanne Moodie making weaving cool again with her beautiful handmade wallhangings, the craft has never been more popular. Involving a loom, which can be bought or made fairly easily at home, and thread, yarn or fabric, strands are entwined together to create complex patterns and colourful shapes. We’re also quite keen on having a go at the paper weaving – especially these cheerful balls that we found over at Papermatrix.

Geometric origami shapes

Beautiful origami paper roses



The closest you’d get to origami a while ago was a napkin turned into a swan at a family party, but these days it’s never been more interesting. From geometric shapes and quirky gift boxes to the most elegant and realistic paper flowers, the opportunities for creativity are endless.

Macrame pendant lights


Most popular during the 1970s, macramé is the process of making objects and jewellery from a series of knotted fabrics or strings. The famous macramé plant pot holders have now become fashionable again, and numerous artists and makers are giving the craft a more modern edge by using bright neons and adding beads and studs to the finished item.

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