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Three great craft trends to try this Summer

11 July 2016  |  Nicola

Concrete is a great craft material, and is one of the hottest trends right now

Every crafter has their favourite project types, but it's always fun when a new trend comes along to road test - and we've found three that will help keep you super busy through the summer months (if we ever get any summer here in the UK!)

Concrete Work

This is the one that we are really, really, SUPER excited about - we're going to be getting some concrete art kits in stock in the next few weeks, so we've spent a bit of time on good old Pinterest researching exactly what you can do with it. It seems like the list is pretty much endless; plant pots and planters, candle holders, tea light holders, pots, coasters, jewellery... it would almost be easier to list what you can't do with it! We've been particularly inspired by the concrete pots at Fox and Ramona on Etsy (above - they only ship within Australia though, boo) - the strong monochrome and metallic paint looks great against the concrete background. 

Metallics are a huge craft trend for the summer - think warm cooper and cool rose gold


Metallics aren't a new trend, but their popularity has certainly increased in the last few months; warm coppers and golds, pretty rose gold and cool silver are all popular choices for furniture accents, wall prints, home accessories and jewellery. They're so versatile, and look great when paired with monochrome, pastels and acid brights - we particularly loved this metallic washi tape bunting packaging by Anastasia Marie (above).

The ancient art of Shibori is great for DIY homeware projects


We love Shibori, mostly because it can be such a fun, experimental craft - by tying and folding your fabric in different ways, you can create all sorts of different effects. It's really versatile too; use it to make cushion covers and pillow cases, wallhangings, table cloths and runners, napkins, clothing... pretty much anything that can be dyed! We really loved the tutorial at The Blackbird for these gorgeous Shibori pillows (above).

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