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Fingerprint Ink Pads

Fingerprint guest books are an increasingly popular way for guests to make a lasting pictoral memory of a special event.

For the uninitiated, you start with the bones of the image i.e. the template.  Trees are a popular choice because they lend themselves very well to adding fingerprints so they make up the leaves of the trees. However, we've also seen other designs used such as a bunch of balloons in the air and a hot air balloon.  If you're not confident in your drawing/designing ability, you could trace it from a tree you like or even buy one.  There are lots of beautiful designs available to buy on sites like Etsy and DaWanda.

So we're often asked what types of inks are best. The answer? It's difficult to say as there are a number of factors to consider. If you don't want your guests ending up "wearing" the ink on their finger for the night, we suggest a water based ink pad. This means they'll be easily able to wipe the ink away afterwards. You could even make it easier for them by placing some hand wipes close by. Acid free and archival means they won't affect the paper over time and the colour of the ink will stay truer for longer.  Quick drying means that the ink is less likely to smudge. 

Dye based inks tend to dry more quickly which means they're less likely to smear, however they can be more difficult to remove afterwards. 

Memento ink pads come in a great range of colours and the Dew drop shapes means they won't break the bank. They're archival so won't fade and quick drying so less likely to smudge but can be difficult to remove from your fingers. 

Versamagic also come with a great colour range, although more subtle due to their chalky consistency. They're water based and also archival...but some say that the fingerprint doesn't always come out clearly.  We think that's part of the story of the day but it's your opinion that matters most!

Versacraft are mainly used for fabric but work well on paper and card too.  They're archival quality so resist fading and the smaller pads make for great value too.  In our experience these are the easiest to remove from your fingers after use.

Brilliance ink pads have a pearlescent effect, which gives a beautiful luxurious look.  They're fast drying and archival but some colours may be too subtle so pick wisely!

The Delicata ink pad comes in one colour (Gold) and a standard size but gives a beautifully rich effect.

Distress Ink Pads are fade resistant and acid free as well as water resistant but they take longer to dry, the full range of pads are larger than the Dew Drops and more expensive too. They've more recently introduced mini sets of ink pads - perfect size for the job - but this limits the colours you can choose. These can be difficult to remove quickly from your fingers.

Take a look at our blog post for ideas and inspiration on how to make yours unique!

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Page 1 of 1:    14 Items