About Us

StickyTiger Craft Supplies was set up in late 2009 by me, Nicola Barton.  It was organic and somewhat unplanned route - more evolution than the well thought through researched business idea my old business degree lecturers would have hoped for.  Here's the story of how StickyTiger came to be...

Crafts figured highly in my life at a very early age when our family lived in South Shields. Mainly because my Little Nana (the other was imaginatively named Big Nana) was an Artist. She encouraged us grandkids to get stuck in with anything creative. Mainly we made things out of junk, mainly the results were junk but we loved it all the same, as (we think) did our parents who graciously accepted their handmade writing sets, beach shell jewellery boxes, knitted all-sorts and crocheted whatnots with delight. 

Fast forward a few years; my handmade output had taken a nose dive. A European Business degree and a career in Recruitment & HR left me feeling that there really must be more to life than absence records and employment contracts. The urge to create returned and, feeling out of practice, took a craft course to get me inspired.  My first workshop was learning to knit with wire, then another in jewellery making, then bag making, then another in something else and another... 

By 2009 I had left my job through ill health and I started making crafts to sell on a small scale. Friends started asking if I could get supplies for them too.  Lots of hard work, making contacts and lesson learning later StickyTiger - the craft business - was born. 

So what about the name? 'StickyTiger' began life in somewhat different circumstances  Sticky and Tiger were the respective nicknames for me and my husband Tony; mine was a nickname I picked up through my first graduate job. Tiger was the sarcastically apt nickname applied to mild mannered and laid back Tony, who by fluke loves tigers - he even sponsors "Diamond", a white tiger at the Isle of Wight Sanctuary.  The idea to combine them came about when we set up a website for our wedding in 2007 and chose StickyTiger as the website name. Everyone said it was a great name so it seemed rude not to keep it. 

Today StickyTiger is a friendly and helpful little business with a focus on customer service and offering something a little different for the crafter.  I like nothing more than going the extra mile for a grateful customer and I'm a sucker for a pretty please and a smile!