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Chalkboard craft

If you're old to enough to remember blackboards - or chalkboards if you prefer - were the stalwart of the classroom, allowing the teacher to write with chalk onto a black (or sometimes green or blue) matt surface. The teacher would just wipe off the chalk with a brush or damp cloth and start again.

In crafts it's great for re-customising projects easily and is also great for using around a busy home or office - a bit of retro for old style reminders. Choose from tape, stickers, pegs and even paper if it's just the blackboard effect you're after.

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A4 Chalkboard Sticker

A4 Chalkboard Sticker£2.42   £2.18     Add to Basket

Baroque A5 Chalkboard Label Stickers

Baroque A5 Chalkboard Label Stickers£4.99   £2.00     Add to Basket

Chalkboard small round sticky labels

Chalkboard small round sticky labels£2.82   £2.26     Add to Basket

Christmas Tag pack

Christmas Tag pack£5.42   £2.17     Add to Basket

Chalkboard Cheer Mini Deck Paper Pack

Chalkboard Cheer Mini Deck Paper Pack£8.70   £5.22     Add to Basket


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