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Decorative Tape

So, what is decorative tape? Well, a few years ago Washi Tape appeared on the scene.  It originated from Japan and the word Washi means "Japanese paper" in Japanese so in its strictest sense it means Japanese paper tape.  Originally it was manufactured by one Japanese company but since it became popular it has been manufactured all of the world. Nowadays we use the words decorative tape to describe any tape that has a design to it, which include Washi tapes, masking tape & tissue tapes.

Now you know what it is, what do you do with it? The great news is that it doesn't need to be an item of gorgeousness that you store in your craft cupboard and occasionally take to stroke lovingly (although that is also an option).  It can be used in many decorative ways for the design, such as decorating cards, tags and even household furniture and or in a more practical for its adhesive properties such as gift wrapping.  Why not take a look at our Washi Pinterest board to get truly inspired, you won't believe how many ways it has been used!

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