How cling mount stamps work

If you’re looking for all the convenience of mounted stamps, but don’t have endless space to store them, cling mount stamps could be just what you’re looking for.

Cling mount stamps are available in two different varieties; as clear polymer which are completely transparent, or as red or grey rubber backed with a sheet of foam. Usually considerably cheaper than mounted stamps, they’re sold individually, and the reverse is covered with a sticky substance which makes them automatically ‘cling’ to a smooth, non-porous surface for use in stamping projects.

To use a cling mount stamp in a crafty project, it’ll need to be mounted onto a hard surface, such as an acrylic block – simply remove from the packet, press down firmly and you’re ready to begin. They can also be permanently mounted onto a wooden block using a good strength glue – but only go down this route if you have the space to store your stamps on a flat surface. Otherwise, mount them temporarily on any non-porous surface, then remove for cleaning once you’ve finished.

The acrylic blocks, like the stamps themselves, come in various sizes – this is particularly useful if you want to mount multiple stamps together, or make words and phrases from alphabetical cling stamps; rather than having to repeatedly stamp everything individually, you can mount it all together and do it in one go. Easy!

To keep cling mount stamps at their very best, they should be stored away from sunlight and in plastic CD cases – this will keep them sticky and ensure that they adhere to the blocks every time they’re used. If they do lose their stickiness, simply give them a good wash in warm soapy water, and they’ll be as good as new.

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