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Angelina Fibres

28 August 2010  |  Nicola

Angelina fibres are iridescent ultra fine synthetic fibres; they reflect and refract light giving a beautiful shimmering effect. When bonded with heat, a web of non woven fibres is created, giving a wonderful luminescent result.

We’ve added some extras to our range to now include 20g packs of 4 colours, as well as 5g single colour packs, perfect for experimenting with smaller amounts!

There are two broad types of Angelina fibres – Hot Fix (heat bondable) and standard/metallic (non heat bondable) – so it’s always important to make sure you get the right type for your project. Generally heat bondable fibres have more uses so if your budget only stretches to one, go for this. 

How to fuse Hot Fix Angelina fibres together

In a word – heat! You can use a heat gun, an iron, or for the more advanced hot water!

To make a sheet, lay out heat bondable Angelina fibres onto baking parchment. Cover with baking parchment and iron on the silk setting for just a few seconds. The higher the temperature and pressure, the more matt the result becomes.

Ideas for using Angelina fibres

There are so many uses for this fibre across many crafting disciplines, we’ve even heard them being used for fly tying by anglers. Here are just a few ideas to get you going:

  • Sprinkle interesting additions (make them small) between the fibres as you lay them down, such as fabric scraps, dried flowers, sequins, feathers, mica flakes, lustre powders, fine craft wire, threads, flakes.

      • After creating a sheet, use a punch to create a shape that can be applied to a card (sometimes it’s best to use with card to give the Angelina sheet some sturdiness).
      • Create a textured sheet of paper by placing the parchment paper on top of a texture (make sure it’s heatproof) before ironing.
  • Create interesting images onto sheets by using transfer inks. Simply paint an image onto standard paper, and then iron the painted image into the fibres. Remember to cover with parchment before ironing.
  • Trap standard fibres between hot fix Angelina to create different blended results. The higher the heat and the longer it is ironed for, the more matt the hot fix will be but standard will stay the same colour – a lovely result.Create interesting patterns by taking several sheets of heat bonded Angelina and cut into strips, circles or other shapes your desire. Place between parchment, add small wisps of more Angelina and iron to fuse them together.
      •  Use transfer foil for extra interest. Add the foil (shiny side up) to the heat bonded sheet, cover with parchment then iron. Use the tip of the iron to “draw” the foil onto the sheet. 
      • Use a carder to blend fibres into wool top before making felt.
      • Add Angelina to your fleece before spinning to extra that extra sparkle.
  •  Make beads by wrapping Angelina fibres (or sheets for a different effect) around barbecue skewers and apply heat with a heat gun. Once cooled, slide off the skewers. Cut to size where appropriate.
  • Trap fibres between gummy silk noil, spray with water, cover with parchment and iron to create easy silk paper.
  • Use fusible web (bondaweb or similar) to add to fabric, wood, paper etc. Great for creating photo frames.

      • Make a “vase” by making a sheet of fibre, leaving the edges unbonded, wrap around a heat proof bottle so that the unbounded edges overlap, wrap with parchment paper and carefully iron.
      • Use sheets as part of textile layering, great effects can be made from layer transparent and opaque fabric on top to create a subtle shimmer. Alternatively free machine embroider over layers and slash through the layers for stunning results.
  • Cut sheets into strip and use to make woven items.

Got any ideas of your own? Send them in; we’ll make sure you get a mention!

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