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Marvelous, Magical Mod Podge

21 October 2015  |  Nicola

Autumn leaf lanterns made with Mod Podge

We’ve mentioned it before (about a gazillion times), but we really do love Mod Podge here at StickyTiger Towers. It works with almost every material, makes upcycling projects a total doddle and is child friendly as well; today we’ve got a round-up of our favourite Mod Podge craft projects on the web.

Autumn Mod Podge Crafts

Because we’re big fans of seasonal crafts, we couldn’t leave out all the fabulous leaf-based projects we saw online; leaf bowls were well covered, but our favourites were the ones over at Happy Mothering and Hello Lucky – they both used fake leaves from a craft store, but real ones gathered in the woods or your garden would work just as well.

Leaf lanterns are great to make this time of year, especially if you’ve got children – they look beautifully seasonal once you place a lit candle inside them. Over at Twig and Toadstool, they used a large fish bowl to make a giant lantern, while at Spark and Chemistry leaves were glued on to smaller jam jars to make a cheerful glowing display.

As well as being used as a glue, Mod Podge can also be used to preserve things; if you want to keep your gathered leaves for future craft projects, simply coat them in a thin layer of Mod Podge and leave to dry. Not only will they remain soft and supple, they’ll also retain their beautiful colour. The folks over at Gingerbread Snowflakes have a great tutorial on exactly how to do it.

Mod Podge at Home

Before the arrival of Mod Podge, the only way to jazz up your furniture was by painting it, or messing around with PVA glue and wallpaper. Nowadays, the only limit is your imagination, and you can do pretty much anything; we loved the dresser draws decorated with vintage book covers over at the Mod Podge Rocks blog – if you don’t happen to have any vintage books (or you don’t want to cut them up!), it’s easy enough to make colour copies or print some out from the internet.

The best thing about working with Mod Podge is that when you use it as a topcoat, it acts as a completely waterproof shell; so you can use it for projects in the garden as well as the home. We found these gorgeous French vintage style flowerpots over at the Heavens Walk blog, and also these pots and bowls made using lengths of lace at Urban Comfort; both tutorials would make great summer projects and would look great on tables at a balmy evening party.

One of the things a lot of people don’t know about Mod Podge is that you can use it as an image transfer material. We found a couple of great tutorials with really easy instructions; at Welcome to the Mouse House, there’s directions on transferring an image to fabric with a handy tea towel project, while over at DIY by Design they’re making some great customised coasters using printed text and ordinary household tiles.

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13 December 2013  |  Nicola
DIY: Festive Lantern Garland

Make a festive lantern garland from old tin cans and some of our favourite StickyTiger craft supplies; these lanterns look just as good in the daylight as they do in the dark.

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5 August 2013  |  Nicola
Spotlight on Mod Podge

Are you ready to join the growing legion of Mod Podge fans?

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