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Bright and Colourful Valentines Bunting Card

30 January 2015  |  Nicola

Bunting Valentines Day card

Bright and Colourful Valentines Bunting Card


With February just around the corner, we’re thinking about Valentines Day here at StickyTiger; after all, it’s a great excuse to get crafting. If you’re thinking about whipping up a handmade card for your beloved this year, we’ve got a really easy tutorial for something a bit different here on the blog today.

Scrapbook paper, bakers twine and scissors

You Will Need:

Scrapbook paper with words such as ‘love’ incorporated into the design, or printed paper and letter stencils - we used Gummi

Printed scrapbook paper

A card blank, or a sheet of A4 card folded in half width-ways

A small heart template or stencil

Thin wooden sticks

Bakers twine

Sharp scissors

Spray mount or glue

A glue gun

1. Cut out your letters, then draw around your heart template and cut those out as well.

2. Using your spray mount or glue, stick them onto a sheet of plain card.

Cutting out the paper letters and hearts

3. Wait for the glue to dry thoroughly, then cut your letters and hearts out again.

4. Lay out your word and hearts so they’re evenly spaced, and cut off a length of bakers twine to attach them to, leaving enough space at the end to tie them to your sticks.

Attaching the letters and hearts to the bakers twine

5. Place small blobs of glue onto the reverse of your letters and stick them onto the bakers twine.

6. While the glue is drying, decorate the front of your card with stamps, scrapbook paper or fabric.

7. Using the glue gun, stick one stick to either side of the inside of the card, making sure that you can still open the card far enough to stand it up. Leave to dry, then place in an envelope ready for the big day!


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20 December 2014  |  Nicola
Super Simple 3D Christmas Cards

3D cards might sound tricky and time-consuming, but they don’t have to be – in the last instalment of our Christmas card tutorials, we’re going to show you how to make something that will really stand out.

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18 December 2014  |  Nicola
Quick and Easy DIY Christmas Cards

If you want to make someone a special card, but don’t have a lot of time to spare, our super simple paper bauble greetings cards could be just what you’re looking for.

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9 December 2014  |  Nicola
DIY Festive Paper Shapes

Origami shapes are great fun to make, and they look lovely strung up as a garland, or hung on the Christmas tree – but they can be tricky to make. Today, we’ve got a tutorial for simple 3D paper shapes which take minutes to make, and look just as good as the more complicated versions.

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22 October 2014  |  Nicola
An introduction to.... Scrapbooking

Of all the crafts out there, scrapbooking is one of the most versatile and one that can be used to make anything from a whole album to a single card or display. By combining text, images and embellishments creatively, you can produce beautiful photo albums, stunning memory books and mementoes of important occasions that will look fantastic and last forever. If you’ve never tried scrapbooking, the list of equipment and techniques can be overwhelming, so we’ve come up with a few pointers to gently break you in to this brilliant craft.

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9 October 2014  |  Nicola
Bright and Cheerful Autumn Mobile

Pine cone garlands, leaf prints and decorated branches are all great for bring the outside in, but Autumn doesn’t have to mean the same old colours; we got our acrylic paints and scrapbook paper out to show you how to create an Autumn mobile with a difference.

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13 June 2014  |  Nicola
Super Simple Papercut Father's Day Cards

Today we’re going to show you how to make a simple papercut Father’s Day card that will look like it came straight from the shelves of the local card shop.

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3 June 2014  |  Nicola
The Summer Decor Series: Pretty Pinwheels

We’ve arrived at the fourth and final tutorial in our Summer Decor series, and continuing with the paper theme, this time we’re making decorative pinwheels in all colours and sizes.

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27 May 2014  |  Nicola
The StickyTiger Summer Decor Series: Simple Fanwheels

In the third edition of our summer decor series, we’re having an adventure with scrapbooking card and printed paper with a couple of easy peasy decorative fanwheels.

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12 April 2014  |  Nicola

Easter's on its way and there’s nothing better than sitting down with a chocolate egg in one hand, and a good craft project in the other. This 3D paper egg bunting is sure to get you in the spirit.

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