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Air Dry Clay Table Setting for Valentines Day

9 February 2016  |  Nicola

Air dry clay is a really versatile material for all sorts of projects

Garlands are lovely, home-made cards are fab, but this year for Valentines day we decided we wanted to bring something a bit different to the table – literally. We came up with a DIY valentines themed place setting made from air dry clay, which takes minutes to whip up, and can be used for a romantic meal for two, or a huge gathering of friends and family.

Air dry clay and other materials needed to make a Valentines place setting

You Will Need:

Air dry clay

A doily, length of lace, or other textured fabric

A rolling pin

A heart shaped cutter

A length of wide ribbon

A contrasting length of narrow ribbon

Fabric glue

Strong glue

A press stud fixture

A sewing machine, or needle and thread


1. Start by rolling your clay out to a thickness of roughly 1cm.

2. Place your doily, lace or textured material over the top of the clay, and gently roll over it with the rolling pin.

3. Lift the material off of the clay, then cut out the heart shapes – you’ll need one per place setting.

4. Leave them somewhere to dry, according to the packet instructions. It is possible to dry them out more quickly by putting them in the oven – we gave ours about an hour on the lowest setting.

5. Once the hearts are dry, cut a piece of each ribbon, and glue together with a small amount of fabric glue. Stitch the ends over to neaten the edges, and then attach the press stud fastening.

Hem the edges of the fabric to make the napkin ring

6. Put a small amount of strong glue onto the back of your heart, and press down on the top of your loop of fabric ribbon. The press stud fastening should be in the centre on the bottom.

7. Once you’ve finished the other place settings, leave to dry and then lay your valentines table; wrap the fabric loops around the napkins and fasten with the press stud, add some flowers and light plenty of candles. Happy Valentines Day!

A Valentines place setting that can be used again and again

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3 February 2016  |  Nicola
Valentines Crafts Roundup

With Valentines Day just around the corner, the crafting world is going mad for everything love-related; hearts, flowers, garlands and candles are everywhere. Today we’ve rounded up our favourite Valentines craft ideas and DIY tutorials, to help with ideas for everything from decorations to gifts.

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14 July 2015  |  Nicola
Great Ideas for Creative Wedding Favours

The last of our short wedding series is here; so far we’ve made our own save-the-date cards, looked at simple DIY décor ideas, and decorated some jam jars – now it’s time to thank the guests. Wedding favours traditionally used to be a small handtied bag of sugared almonds, but these days pretty much anything goes. From garden-based delights to sweet treats, we’ve rounded up our favourite little gifts to leave for your loved ones.

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2 July 2015  |  Nicola
Five Minute Garlands

Here at StickyTiger, we love a good garland; from simple triangular bunting to classic paper chains and contemporary geometric shapes, we think anything goes. Particularly good for weddings, they can be strung along walls, across ceilings and even between trees – but if you’re making metres and metres of your own, you’re going to want them to be quick. Today we’ve got three super speedy tutorials for great garlands that you can easily put your own stamp on.

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31 May 2015  |  Nicola
New In Stock! Design Your Own Marquee Lights

We're giddy with excitement here at StickyTiger as we've recently taken stock of these gorgeous Marquee Love light kits - just in time for the wedding and summer party season!

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20 May 2015  |  Nicola
Three Great Ways to Jazz Up your Jam Jars

With wedding season now fully underway, crafty brides-to-be everywhere will be brandishing their glue guns and tangling themselves up in metres of ribbon – if this is you, we’ve got a few tutorials coming up that will help you add a personal touch to your special day without it breaking the bank.

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30 April 2015  |  Nicola
Five Great Save-the-Date Craft Ideas

Here at StickyTiger, we love a good wedding. Here's a roundup of the very best (and most creative!) save-the-date ideas we found on the web.

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13 February 2015  |  Nicola
Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Bookmark

If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the book-lover in your life, why not ditch the Amazon wishlist and try something handmade instead? Our bright and colourful felt bookmark is practical and pretty, and is the perfect way to keep your page.

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10 February 2015  |  Nicola
Super Easy Pop-Up Valentines's Card

If you’ve decided to opt for a DIY or homemade Valentine’s card for that special someone this year, forget the flower cut-outs and stamped hearts, and impress your loved one with a DIY pop-up card – they’re really easy to make, but they don’t have to know that!

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30 January 2015  |  Nicola
Bright and Colourful Valentines Bunting Card

With February just around the corner, we’re thinking about Valentines Day here at StickyTiger; after all, it’s a great excuse to get crafting. If you’re thinking about whipping up a handmade card for your beloved this year, we’ve got a really easy tutorial for something a bit different here on the blog today.

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