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Top Five DIY Christmas Decorations

24 November 2016  |  Nicola

Gold tipped paper feathers make great decorations for gifts or garlands

One of the best things about Christmas has got to be all the decorating; stringing up garlands, hanging lovely things on the tree and stitching little ornaments – it’s definitely a good time to be a crafter. Today, we’ve rounded up our favourite decorations for inspiration.

1. There’s nothing better than a good bit of old fashioned papercraft, which is why we adore this snowflake garland from Art Bar Blog. A lovely modern take on a traditional Christmas craft, we also love the idea of putting them inside tubes and giving them as gifts!

2. It has to be said, we’re complete suckers for origami, so this quick and easy paper diamond tutorial from Design and Form was always going to be on the list. We love it in pure white, but think it would look amazing in bright colours or festive prints, hung on the tree or strung into a garland.

3. Possibly our favourite find of the year has to go to the gold-tipped paper feathers tutorial from Lia Griffith, which might have caused a squealing moment when we saw them. They’d make beautiful present toppers for a stand-out gift, or alternatively you could make them into a wreath, or string them into a garland (we firmly believe there’s no such thing as too many garlands!)

4. Flickering candlelight is one of the best antidotes to cold, dark evenings, so when we saw these tiny clay houses filled with LED tealights at Junkaholique, we fell instantly in love. They look beautiful lined up on the mantle, but you could easily thread some string through and turn them into tree ornaments. Beautiful!

5.  We talk a lot here at StickyTiger about how much we like working with felt, so these embroidered felt decorations from Nancy Nicholson are right up our street. Colourful, easy to make and perfect to work on curled up on the sofa in the evening. 

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17 December 2015  |  Nicola
Five Easy Ways to Make your Gifts Stand Out

If you’ve found (or made!) the perfect present, you’re going to want to make the wrapping as exciting as what’s inside. These days, you can buy all sorts of fancy wrapping paper and eclectic gift toppers, but it’s always fun to make your own – today, we’ve got five great tips on making your gift stand out.

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9 October 2015  |  Nicola
Quick and Easy DIY Fabric Art

Following on from our collection of favourite fabric art tutorials last time, today we’re back with a DIY of our very own; using simple fabric paint or ink and a pre-made miniature silkscreen, we’re going to show you how to make something beautiful for your walls this autumn.

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21 July 2015  |  Nicola
Great Ideas for Outdoor Crafts

July is a great month to spend in the garden; from the bright sunny days to balmy evenings, there’s plenty of time to get outside and get crafting. From creative ways to label your plants and nostalgic handmade boats, to fancy ways to upcycle the humble stick, we’ve compiled a nice long list of our favourite outdoor crafts from around the web.

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2 July 2015  |  Nicola
Five Minute Garlands

Here at StickyTiger, we love a good garland; from simple triangular bunting to classic paper chains and contemporary geometric shapes, we think anything goes. Particularly good for weddings, they can be strung along walls, across ceilings and even between trees – but if you’re making metres and metres of your own, you’re going to want them to be quick. Today we’ve got three super speedy tutorials for great garlands that you can easily put your own stamp on.

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31 May 2015  |  Nicola
New In Stock! Design Your Own Marquee Lights

We're giddy with excitement here at StickyTiger as we've recently taken stock of these gorgeous Marquee Love light kits - just in time for the wedding and summer party season!

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20 May 2015  |  Nicola
Three Great Ways to Jazz Up your Jam Jars

With wedding season now fully underway, crafty brides-to-be everywhere will be brandishing their glue guns and tangling themselves up in metres of ribbon – if this is you, we’ve got a few tutorials coming up that will help you add a personal touch to your special day without it breaking the bank.

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17 December 2014  |  Nicola
Rustic Wooden Tree Decorations

Crisp foliage and glistening red berries look beautiful in the candle light, and can be easily made into tree decorations with some simple wooden discs and a trusty glue gun.

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16 December 2014  |  Nicola
Super Simple Wooden Tree Decorations

Scrapbook paper is such a great craft resource; we love it here at Sticky Tiger. Our festive stock this year is brilliant (even if we do say so ourselves!), and is just the thing to add to our small wooden discs to create unique little tree decorations.

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15 December 2014  |  Nicola
DIY Bright and Cheerful Pompom Wreath

Wreaths are one of the most popular decorations to put up in the home over the festive period, and the best thing about them is that they can be crafted from pretty much anything.

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