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Bright and Cheerful Autumn Mobile

9 October 2014  |  Nicola

Pine cones and printed paper garland

Now that Autumn is officially here, it’s time to get stuck into some great craft projects using everything that nature has to offer us. Pine cone garlands, leaf prints and decorated branches are all great for bring the outside in, but Autumn doesn’t have to mean the same old colours; we got our acrylic paints and scrapbook paper out to show you how to create an Autumn mobile with a difference.

Materials for pinecone garland

You Will Need:

Small to medium sized pinecones

Scrapbook paper in several different prints, we've used papers from the Cold Avocado Soup collection

Acrylic paint in bright colours

The inner section of an embroidery hoop


A small paintbrush

Coloured cotton yarn

White thread

A small, sharp needle

Pinecones dipped in acrylic paint

Brightly painted pinecones

1. Start by dip-painting your pinecones; the easiest (and quickest!) way to do this is to pour some acrylic paint into a bowl or cup, then dip the bottom of the pinecone into it. Take it out, and use the paintbrush to make sure the paint is even – this is especially handy for getting in all the nooks and crannies.

2. Leave them to dry thoroughly, then repeat the process with a second coat of paint – this makes the colour really vivid and eye-popping.

Leaf shaped papers

3. While the paint is drying, make some leaf templates by either printing or drawing different shapes onto plain white card, and then cutting them out.

4. If you're using single sided paper, or prefer a different reverse pattern, you need to cut two shapes out of scrapbook card for each leaf, so you have a front and back. Repeat this process to make as many leaves as you like, then using glue or spray mount, attach them together with the right sides facing outwards. Trim around the edges to make sure there are no overhanging sections of card.

Wrapped embroidery hoop

5. Once your leaves and pinecones are ready, you need to assemble the mobile section. Take your embroidery hoop and tie your coloured cotton yarn on with a small knot, then wind it around and around until the whole hoop is covered.

6. Once you reach the end, take your yarn all the way across to the other side, and then fasten off with a knot. Using an embroidery needle, weave the end in amongst the other yarn so it can’t be seen. Tie two long lengths of yarn across the top so you have something to hang your mobile up with.

7. Using your sharp needle, carefully pierce the middle section of the pinecones and thread each one onto a length of white cotton. Repeat the process with your leaves, and then tie everything onto the embroidery hoop before trimming the ends of the cotton.

8. Hang somewhere light and bright, and enjoy your alternative Autumn mobile!

Hanging pinecone garland


Pinecone and paper mobile

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