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Craft Fair Display Round-Up

12 November 2014  |  Nicola


Upcycled copper pipe display and recycled wooden frame display

While we were researching our post on how to make your craft fair experience a success, we stumbled across absolutely loads of great ideas for displays; from upcycled homewares and rescued items to quirky business card holders, we were amazed at the amount of inspiration there was online. Today, we’ve collated some of our favourites in a special craft fair display round-up post, just in time to give you a few ideas for your Christmas markets.

Bicycle wheel display and an upcycled suitcase

Clever Upcycling:

Here at StickyTiger, we hate waste and love making something shiny and new out of something old and unloved – so naturally we were drawn to all the fabulous upcycled display ideas. One of the most innovative we saw was over on the Whipperberry blog, where Heather used painted bicycle wheels in various sizes to show off her crafts, by simply pegging them to the spokes – genius! Over on the Honey Girl Studio, Melissa showed off her amazing upcycled suitcase which is perfect for displaying smaller items, and for the really tiny crafts, there were muffin tins being used as storage over on the Curious Sofa blog. We found heaps of upcycled frames, painted in every shade from neon orange to delicate pastels, and then used to display jewellery a la Kevin and Amanda, and finally we fell completely head-over-heels for the upcycled driftwood and copper pipe display prop from Miss Fickle Media on Etsy.

Recycled wooden display boards

Upcycled logs and painted wooden sticks

Rustic Wood:

Wood is such a versatile material, that it’s great for creating all sorts of stands and displays for your market table. We loved the painted, patterned sticks over on the Molly Goldberg blog; they’d be just right for hanging necklaces on, and would be a great idea for any crafters with a more modern and contemporary edge. Alyssa, who designs beautiful laser cut jewellery and accessories at Little Mika, used rough logs and branches on her stall at a craft fair, while Ally and Cally over on The Other 128 Hours made a great display board from two pieces of plywood, some string and old cup hooks. Lastly, we were pretty keen on the card holder Karin Eriksson made from some recycled wood; the natural grain of the wood set off the colours in her wonderful cards beautifully.

Chalkboard peg price tags

Circular chalkboard price tags

Chalkboard clipboard price display

Creative Pricing:

It just happened that our favourite pricing methods all seemed to include blackboard paint in some form or another; we spotted some clipboards painted with chalk paint over on So Into Vintage, which look great on larger displays, while miniature chalkboard tags made from a simple peg and small pieces of wood are great for smaller items – we loved the tutorial on Goin’ Over the Edge, and an alternative version over at Life as a Thrifter.

Quirky business card displays

Quirky Business Card Storage:

Of all the things you need to display, business cards can be the hardest; you want them to be easily accessible but not take up too much space – the most innovative method we saw was slipping them in between the springs of a slinky over on the A La Mode blog; simple and effective! If your crafts have a more vintage-style feel, why not try borrowing the idea we stumbled across on the Langdon Photography website; used at a wedding, cards were displayed between the pages of a beautiful old hardback book – practical and beautiful. Finally, for unbeatable rustic simplicity, try a wooden business card holder in the style of The Wood Lot on Etsy.

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