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Dec 4 Gift of the day - Smash Bundle

4 December 2013  |  Nicola

For December 4th, the gift of the day is SMASH bundle by K & Company.

The SMASH concept is no ordinary scrapbook, its pages come ready adorned with beautiful images and backgrounds. To make organising your precious keepsakes and memory stubs easy and fun there's a range of stickers, holders, glue and pen sticks, list pads, clips and pretty much anything else you can think of for the job.

The SMASH bundles offer a great way to get started, each bundle contains a folio (that's their word for scrapbook), SMASH pen and glue stick, an elastic band, sticky notes, 1 list pad, 1 mini wallet folio (that's a smaller book to me and you), paper clips, sticker strips and a roll of tape. Just add your musings and memories to create a record of great times.

We offer 3 different bundles in red, pink and blue and today we're offering 10% off

Still don't get it? This video says it so much better than we do!


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