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Fab Father's Day Felt Coasters

18 June 2015  |  Nicola

Felt coasters make a great Father's Day DIY

If Father’s Day has left you feeling a bit stumped this year, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to opt for the safe ‘socks and chocolate’ option for your Dad. Get crafty, grab some felt and glue, and make him some nice new coasters to stand his cuppa on in the morning.

Coloured felt and thread

You Will Need:

Coloured felt

White card

Leather adhesive

Embroidery thread or cotton

Sharp scissors

A needle

1. Start by deciding what shape you want your coasters to be – we went with a hexagon and a square, but you could do almost anything – and how big you want them.

Decide on your shapes and cut them out of white cardboard

2. Trace or print out your shapes onto white card, and then cut out two of each.

3. Decide what kind of pattern you want to have on your coasters, then cut one of each shape up accordingly. We went with simple triangles and diamonds, but you could do anything from Aztec patterns to letters and even names if you’re feeling adventurous!

4. Draw round one of each shape onto plain white or grey felt and cut them out – this will be the base of your coaster.

Cut out your felt shapes carefully

5. Draw round your smaller shapes, patterns or letters onto the felt in your chosen colours and cut them out.

6. Arrange your pattern pieces on top of your main coaster, and check they fit properly – you might find that you have to trim some a little to make them fit exactly.

Arrange the felt pieces and glue them down

7. Apply the leather adhesive to the reverse of your pattern pieces, making sure you spread it right to the edges – otherwise they will lift and not sit properly.

8. Once all the pieces are glued down and dry, trim any excess felt around the edges.

9. To finish, blanket stitch around the edge of your coaster with embroidery thread in a contrasting colour. This is completely optional, but it makes it look a bit more colourful and finished.

If you’ve got a bit more time, you could make a whole set, make matching table mats, or decorate a mug to go with your coaster. Father’s Day crafting at its best!

Felt coasters are a great Father's Day gift for tea lovers

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