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Five Ways to Craft with Nature

8 September 2015  |  Nicola

We’re into the first few days of September, which can only mean one thing – autumn and winter are waiting just around the corner. If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to hang on to the memories of summer as long as you can, so today we’ve come up with a few ideas to make the most of the sunny days and natures finest summer offerings.

1. Pressed Flower Cards

The late summer blooms are in full swing at the moment, so now is the perfect time to pick them for any future craft projects. We love making pressed flower cards and notecards; they’re a great alternative to high street greetings cards, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love a handmade card? Either pop your flowers into the microwave between two sheets of kitchen towel for a short time, or press them traditionally using a flower press to preserve, then attach to a blank card using a strong glue. Leave your card beautifully simple, or add ribbon, washi tape or lace to decorate. 

2. Woven Branch Wall-hanging

Sticks and branches are so handy for craft projects, and this is the perfect time to get a little collection together, before the autumn rain sets in. We like using two to make a loom, then handweaving yarn, fabric or paper yarn through to make a decorative wall hanging.

3. Shell Mobile

Mobiles aren’t just for kids; modern rustic interiors are really popular at the moment, and a mobile doesn’t have to be something that hangs above a cot. For maximum rustic-chic, use gathered sticks to make the frame, then drill holes in the shells and string them up with transparent thread. Place in front of a breezy doorway, close your eyes and imagine you’re on a tropical beach.

4. Feather Headdress

Ideal for anything from late summer parties and gatherings to those last few festivals, a homemade feather headdress will make sure you stand out from the crowd. Either go on a hunt to the beaches and woods for feathers, or cheat and buy a packet from your local craft store, then stitch them onto a length of black ribbon or bias binding and decorate with beads for the perfect hippie headwear.

5. Shell Snowglobe

If you’ve come home from holiday with a suitcase full of sand and shells, make sure you remember your travels forever by making a shell snowglobe. Made in a similar way to the traditional snowglobe, simply glue your shells and driftwood pieces to the lid of a jam jar, then fill with water and glitter. Screw the lid in place, shake well and watch the glitter sink slowly to the bottom. 

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