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Get the Kids Involved: DIY Gifts for Little Hands - Part Two

4 December 2014  |  Nicola

In part two of our series of tutorial ideas for little ones to make, we’re thinking about fabric; beautifully scented sachets, homewares and accessories are all simple for small hands to customise in their own unique way.

Easy sew felt lavender bags

Scent Bags

Scent bags make lovely gifts; filled with simple dried lavender they’re great to add to cupboards or drawers, or to hang above a bed for a dreamy nights sleep. Usually made from printed cotton and ribbon, they can be adapted to be child-friendly by using felt, which doesn’t need any tricky seams, and can even be glued rather than sewn if your child is really young. We loved the floral felt sachets over at The Purl Bee; beautifully simple, they’re easy to make and are embellished with simple felt petals.

Stamping fabrics with potato prints

Printed Tote Bags and Cushions

Printing is one of the best crafts to do with children, because it’s so simple and is fairly mess-free. Either using pre-made stamps, or cutting your own from fruits and vegetables and using them with fabric paint or ink-pads can create some great images on fabric, which can then be turned into bags, cushions and wall-hangings. We really liked the tote bags made by Lu from the Lu Loves Handmade blog; she created some great designs by printing with apples, potatoes and leaves, while over on the Signepling blog, we fell in love with the cushion covers decorated in simple potato printed crosses and mountain shapes.

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