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Mister Mister Mister

18 August 2010  |  Nicola

For the eagle-eyed amongst you, you'll have noticed that we've recently added a new section for Containers and Storage.  We'll be adding more to the section in the coming months but we wanted to share our latest additions with you.

Misters and sprays are an essential part of every Craft makers tool kit and we've managed to get our hands on some budget friendly versions that works just as well as the branded versions.  Sprays, Misters and Squashy Bottles have a multitude of uses:  

    • Make up unique sprays with mica powders, Perfect Pearls and other blends for stunning results
    • Activate watercolour pencils, chalks and paints
    • Use with distress inks to create great backgrounds (remember that Ranger tag tutorial?)
    • Mix with suitable acrylic paints to produce paint glazes
    • Use to spray onto texture plates and moulds to act as a release agent when used with clays.  Remember water will only work with some clays so check the manufacturer notes first!
    • Keep precious metals clays moist
    • Spray onto an inked stamp and use to create a watercolour look
We've also added a nifty little storage solution that's perfect for those odds and ends, tiny embellishments or those half finished projects that never seem to have a place to belong.  This pack contains 10 bags (roughly 7.5 x 8.5 cm in size) and are held together with a metal O ring.  Each bag has a write on strip so you don't even need to remember what you put where.
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