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New Single Paper Pricing

31 October 2012  |  Nicola

Card & papers are one of the items many of us look at longingly even before we have any plans for them.  In fact, some of our papers we love so much, we don't actually want to use them, preferring even to give our loved ones our last rolo...

Paper packs are great, of course, because they work out as better value per sheet but if there's only one in a few collections you'd like, the pennies start to add up!

So we reckoned you'd like it if we came up with a way of getting better value when you buy single sheets from different collections.

When you buy 2 or more sheets, you start to save and you can mix & match from the collections we have, as long as they're single sheets.  

  • Buy 2 - 4 sheets and save 10%
  • Buy 5 - 9 sheets and save 15%
  • Buy 10 or more sheets and save 20%

That's better, right?  And to make it easier for you to chose, we've put them in their own section right here.

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