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Quick and Easy DIY Fabric Art

9 October 2015  |  Nicola

Fabric art displayed in an embroidery hoop

Following on from our collection of favourite fabric art tutorials last time, today we’re back with a DIY of our very own; using simple fabric paint or ink and a pre-made miniature silkscreen, we’re going to show you how to make something beautiful for your walls this autumn.

Acrylic paints and silk screens

You will need:

Silk Screen by Martha Stewart in whichever print you decide

Light coloured linen or calico

A frame or embroidery hoop

Fabric paint or acrylic paint and fabric medium

A squeegee or piece of thick, stiff card / a sponge dabber

Fabric scissors

Ordinary, sharp scissors

1. Prepare your fabric by ironing out any creases, and then cutting to size – it should fit comfortably in the frame with a little overhang.

Cutting out the pre-prepared screens for printing

2. Carefully cut out your chosen screens, using the lines around the images as a guide.

3. Lay your fabric out on a flat surface, with a sheet of paper or newspaper underneath to absorb any excess paint.

Laying out the screens for the final design

4. Decide on your layout by trying different arrangements with the screens, then peel off the backing and press them down onto the fabric. If the edges curl up, you can always hold them in place with a little masking tape.

5. If you’re using the squeegee method, squeeze a thin line of paint across the top of the screen, and drag it straight down with the card or squeegee tool. If you’re going to use the sponge dabber, pour some paint onto a plate and use the sponge to apply it to the open part of the screen, as if you were using a stencil.

6. Once you’ve covered the area in paint, peel the silk screen back slowly and gently to reveal the design below. Move on to the next screen, continuing the process until you’ve finished the whole piece.

7. Once the paint is dry, heat fix it by ironing gently on a low setting.

8. Add any embellishments, ribbons or beads you fancy, then place your beautiful new artwork into its frame.

9. Display and admire!

Display your print in a nice frame


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