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Sakura of America Pens

26 June 2010  |  Nicola

We've taken stock of some more great Sakura of America pens - these are no ordinary pens through and worthy of a newletter all of their own!

Gelly Roll Stardust pens

They've been around for a while now but we never fail to get excited about what fantastic feature they have. These roller ball pens contain glittery dust; an inert, cosmetic grade, finely ground glass which is creates such a sparkling effect.

The ink itself is pigment based archival quality and (with the exception of black sparkle) is fade resistant - although be aware that the sparkle effect may lift over time - and waterproof. It doesn't smear, feather or bleed through most papers - perfect for cardmaking and scrapbooking as well as many other crafts.

The pen contains a 1.0mm ball to create a 0.5mm line. They write on dark or light paper but sparkle best on matt or light coloured surfaces. Although the pen is waterproof we don't recommend you use it on washable fabrics, or food containers.


Try using these pens with water for a watercolour effect - stamp an outline or image with permanent ink, such as Stazon, onto paper suitable for watercolour, fill a little of your desired area with your chosen colour and then spread the colour with a brush (waterfilled pens are great for doing this). You can even use different colours and blend them with water to get your desired colour or grade.

Want to see them in action?

Watch this video by Sakura but beware, this video contains a high saccharin content!


Glaze 3D Glossy Ink pens

These pens are unique in that they're the only ones (that we know of, at least) that result in a 3d effect when dry. The finished look is a touchably raised line. 

Its raised effect means that is catches the light when used on translucent and transparent surfaces. It's waterproof on most surfaces and it's this water resistant quality that results in a batik effect when layering colour elements, such as watercolour paints and pigment washes. 

These pens mean you have a greater degree of accuracy when you wish to add texture and colour to paper craft projects and works brilliantly when recreating the effect of stained glass. It doesn't bleed-through most papers and vellum. For even better results, use them on non-porous surfaces such as plastics, coated papers, acetate, vellums, CDs and glass. We don't recommend this for use on washable fabrics or food containers.

The pen has a transparent pigmented ink 0.8mm ball producing a 0.70mm bold line width.To use, write slowly so the ink flows out thickly and allow time to dry completely about 10 minutes (it's normally touch dry in about a minute). Since the ink flows thickly and takes time to dry it is not ideal for any lengthy writing.

Try this project!

Use the Glaze pen to create a resist. Write with clear glaze on paper, then add a colour wash to reveal the message - the written part will stay the colour of the paper, whilst the rest is Create a wash of colour onto a watercolour paper, using a clear Glaze pen hand draw interesting shapes and wait until fully dry. Using a different colour wash, brush over the paper. You'll see where you drew as the base colourwash shows through. This is know as a resist technique. Use with stencils if you're not confident at drawing.

Sakura Quickie Glue Pen

The Quickie Glue Pen produces a smooth line and keeps glue from spreading or globing-up.

Glue is placed precisely where it is needed to be to hold the tthe smallest of enhancements, making it perfect for scrapbooking, cards, stationery, and collages. 

This glue pen has some excellent features to make your life easier. There's no need to shake or squeeze before use and the spring activated nib allows a longer cap-off time plus the pen cap is different from other pens making it easier to find. 

Great features indeed but the best is its ability to create a temporary or a permanent adhesive bond. Can’t decide where to place an item? Temporarily place and move items around. To create a permanent bond, allow a few minutes for drying time before securing the items together. A blue glue colour indicates the bond is permanent and a white glue colour indicates a temporary or moveable bond.

To use, make shapes - lines, patterns or outlines - then sprinkle with glitter, confetti or apply gold, silver or copper foils!


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