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Snow Cap Alcohol Ink

23 October 2011  |  Nicola

We're a big fan of alcohol inks here at StickyTiger Supplies - especially using them on foil - so when Ranger released their white "Snow Cap" colour, we wondered how it could possibly improve on the stunning results we're already used to.

First off, it's a mixative, which means it works great (better even) with other alcohol inks.  It needs a really good shake before you use them and a little goes a long way.

We don't profess to know more about them than Mr Holtz himself so we thoroughly recommend a visit over to his blog for a guide on how to get the best out of them.

Roughly following his guide, we produced some great results!  Using aluminium foil (we sell it here but you can also cut up disposable foil trays) we die cut some shapes and applied a few drops of alcohol ink onto the foil, followed by one drop of Snow Cap ink.  

With the Alcohol ink Applicator tool we dabbed the felt over the foil and distributed the ink to cover the foil completely and until we were happy with the effect.

Take a look at the results - they're produce a lovely milky / chalky appearance, perfect for a shabby chic, steampunk or vintage feel. 



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