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Spotlight on Mod Podge

5 August 2013  |  Nicola

Heard of Mod Podge?  If you've been crafting for a while, you probably will and you might already be one of the growing die hard faithful of Mod Podge fans. For everyone else, here's what it's all about.


Mod Podge actually came from the term "Modern Decoupage" and was invented by a rather fabulous lady, Jan Whetstone, in her garage back in 1967. An interior design store owner, she found the task of decoupaging - varnishing, then sanding repeatedly - rather tedious and so set to work on developing a formula that meant it wasn't necessary.  She tested it on all kinds of surfaces, including bed sheets on her car and came up trumps, and so Mod Podge was born - an all in one glue, sealer and finisher.

These days they come in a variety of formulae perfected to make sure it does exactly what you want, from matte and glossy finishes to antique, crackle and fabric options - here's a Mod Podge Hints & formula guide

So, what can you do with it? Soooo many things.  It can be used to cover pretty much anything hard with fabric or paper. We have seen coasters, buttons, and even a typewriter and shoes!

Not to be missed is also the Mod Podge photo transfer medium.  

Simply print a copy of your chosen design (remember to make it a mirror image if it involves words and numbers), paint your surface with the medium and apply the design on the wet surface, pressing hard and keeping a smooth finish.  Leave for 8 hours then run under warm water and peel off to reveal the design on the surface. Magic!

Take a look at our Pinterest page for more inspiration as well as the Mod Podge blog (great name!).

This week we're offering 10% off all things Mod Podge so here's a great reason to give it a go. 

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