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Spotlight on... StazOn Ink Pads

20 March 2015  |  Nicola

StazOn Ink Pads are great for multi-surface printing

Stamping is a great way to add a personal touch to loads of different projects (and it’s one of our favourite crafts here at Sticky Tiger!), and there are ink pads for pretty much every surface you could want to print onto. Some are designed to look sharp and crisp on paper, making them ideal for card-making, while others are better suited to fabric – these ones are particularly great if you want to make some quirky cushions or bedlinen. There are also a few ink pads which have been manufactured to work equally well on several different surfaces, from card and paper to glass and ceramics – today we’re going to introduce you to one of our favourites, StazOn by Imagine Crafts (Tsukineko).

StazOn Ink Pads with a Yellow Owl Stamp Kit

  • The StazOn ink pads work on several different surfaces, leaving a crisp, clear print behind, making them ideal for mixed-media projects.
  • They can be used on cardstock, glossy paper, shrink plastic (GREAT for making jewellery with!), acetate, clay, tile, wood, metal, plastic and glass. Phew!
  • We particularly like the way the ink pad is raised quite a way from the case, so you don’t end up knocking your stamp onto the edge of the plastic – so simple but so good!
  • StazOn ink pads come in a wide range of vibrant colours, from Claret and Cherry Pink, all the way through the spectrum to Teal Blue and Cactus Green.
  • Even though the pads are available in a rainbow of colours, the inks are also easily blendable – simply apply them to an acrylic block and mix to your desired shade.
  • The inks come in a few different finishes; the Original is translucent, while the Opaque is a richer, deeper colour, and the StazOn Metallic has a shimmering quality to it. They’re all great for non-porous surfaces, but the Metallics aren’t recommended for use on paper.
  • The new midi size have all the great features of the larger pads, but with the added bonus of an easy-to-hold ergonomic design and a stackable case – great if you’re low on storage space.
  • StazOn ink pads have no odour whatsoever, which is great, and they’re easy to remove with the StazOn cleaner.
  • Finally, they’re completely acid free and archival quality – so you can be sure that your projects will stay as bright and vibrant in the future as they were on the day you made them. 
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