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StickyTiger Mother's Day Craft Round-Up

12 March 2015  |  Nicola

Mother’s Day is one of the best events of the year for crafting; from origami and papercrafts to decoupage and homemade cards, there are heaps of opportunities to show your mum how loved and appreciated she is by giving her something made by your own two hands. Here’s our roundup of the best Mother’s Day craft ideas on the internet.

Decorate plant pots with fabric or paper and mod podge

If your mum loves everything green, why not give her a beautiful houseplant in a customised pot? We loved the tutorial at Stampington for pots covered in maps, and we think it’d be great to use copies of maps from places that have a significant meaning. Over at Shelterness, we found a great step-by-step on how to use mod podge and fabric to cover plant pots that can be used inside and out.

Personalised bookmarks make a great mother's day gift

Decorated lolly sticks make great quirky bookmarks

For anyone with a mum who’s a big reader, why not buy them a book and make a personalised bookmark to go with it? The designs over at Polka Dot Chair are bright, cheery and could be easily changed to something meaningful to your mum, while the lolly dollies at Teawagon Tales could be designed to look like you and other members of your family, and then used to keep her place in her latest novel.

Giant paper roses make great everlasting gifts for mother's day

Origami flowers look just as pretty and last longer than real ones

If you’re set on giving your mum flowers, but want something that will last a bit longer, why not opt for paper versions? Green Wedding Shoes always has great craft tutorials, and we thought the giant paper rose DIY would be great for Mother’s Day, while the handmade paper roses from Papers and Petals and the carambola flowers from Go Origami would look beautiful tied with some quirky ribbon and presented with a giant box of chocolates!

Chalkboard style card for mother's day

Script style washi tape mother's day card

Floral pop-up card from Martha Stewart for mother's day

Anyone who’s thinking about making a card for their mum should almost definitely think about creating a chalkboard design, like the one we found at Lily and Val on Etsy; a large sheet of chalkboard paper, a card blank and some decorative fonts will certainly put a smile on her face. We also found a great washi tape script tutorial over at Omiyage; either opt for a single word or short phrase, or if you’re feeling ambitious, attempt a whole paragraph! Finally, nothing is as impressive as a pop-up card, so why not try this Martha Stewart tutorial for a card full of exploding blooms for the big day.

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