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Super Easy DIY Mother's Day Card

7 March 2015  |  Nicola

Easy DIY Mother's Day Card

Here at StickyTiger, we think nothing says, ‘love you, Mum!’ like a homemade card – but if you’re new to papercrafting, the choice of papers, patterns, glues and embellishments can seem pretty daunting. In a bid to get more of you crafting rather than buying your cards, we’ve designed a really, really simple Mother’s Day card tutorial; if you’re brand new to papercrafts, we think it’ll be the start of a beautiful friendship, and if you’re already experienced, you can always put your own twist on it.

Choosing printed scrapbook papers

You Will Need:

Patterned scrapbook paper

A card blank

Tracing paper

Bakers twine

Sharp scissors

A craft knife and cutting board

A glue stick / PVA

Cutting out the balloons from scrapbook card

1. Trace or print your balloon shape, then transfer the image to three different sheets of scrapbook paper, and cut them out.

2. Choose a lettering style that you like, then trace or print the word, ‘mum’ in capitals – we went with a plain font, as it stood out more. When tracing, make sure the letters will fit in the centre of your card balloons.

Cutting out the letter shapes from the middle of the balloons

3. Transfer the first letter image to the reverse of the first balloon, and then cut it out carefully using the craft knife. Repeat with the remaining letters and balloons.

4. Stick the balloons onto your card blank using the glue, then cut lengths of bakers twine for the strings and glue those in place as well.

Add the bakers twine for the balloon strings

5. Make a small bow shape from the scrapbook paper, and place it at the point where the balloon strings meet.

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