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The Summer Decor Series: DIY Honeycomb Balls

13 May 2014  |  Nicola

In the second edition of our Summer Decor series, we’re following on from light and fluffy paper pom poms with a tutorial for easy peasy honeycomb decorations. Great for anything from adorning churches and reception venues for weddings, to stringing up from trees and fences for a summer garden party, these versatile little paper accessories are both simple to make and incredibly addictive.

You will need:

Concertina paper in a variety of colours


Strong glue or double sided tape

Ribbon or thread for hanging

Wood sticks (optional)

Sharp scissors

A pencil

1. Begin by drawing a circle template onto a piece of card, and cutting it out. Cut it in half so you’re left with two identical semi-circles.  

2. Lay your concertina paper on a flat surface, and make sure the lines are lying horizontally.

3. Find the glued edge of the concertina paper, place your template against it, and then draw round it. Do this twice, and then cut out your shapes – you’ll find you have two pieces of concertina paper in semi-circle shapes.

4. Before the next stage, you’re going to need to gently pull the paper apart so you can create the ball shape. Make sure you pull slowly, and ease any bits that don’t separate – otherwise you’ll end up with torn tissue paper, and you’ll have to start again.

5. Spread a thin layer of glue over the edge of one of your semi-circles, and then press the other semi-circle against it. Leave it to dry thoroughly, then open out each section, and glue the opposite ends together – you’ll find that it automatically forms a ball shape, and is now ready to hang up with pretty ribbon or fine cotton thread.

Top Tips

  • You can vary the size of the honeycomb balls by varying the size of the template; the larger the circle, the more semi-circles you’ll need to cut out, as they won’t stretch as far when pulled apart.
  • Honeycomb balls have absolutely loads of different uses; larger ones can be strung individually or in groups from walls or ceilings, and also look great arranged into a garland. Smaller ones can be used in table decorations, either placed in large kilner jars, or glued onto small wooden sticks and displayed with wild flowers.

  • Try varying the colours; mix up pastels and brights, or go monochrome with simple black and white. With larger balls, you can even try for an ombre effect, by graduating different shades of the same colour. 


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