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The Summer Decor Series: Our Favourite Inspirations

4 July 2014  |  Nicola

To round up our Summer Decor series, we decided to have a look online to see how other crafters, makers, brides and grooms were working with paper to add bright and cheerful details to their homes and celebrations.

Favourite paper pom inspiration

From top left: Lia Griffith, Ocean Side Bride, One Stylish Party, Kate Landers Events.

Paper Pom Poms

We love a good paper pom pom here at Sticky Tiger, and we particularly love the way they’re so versatile, and can be used on everything from garlands to gift-wrap. Over at Ocean Side Bride, bride Meleesa and styling company Lovely Little Details used a pom pom and ribbon garland during her wedding in Mexico; we love the colours, and the way they’ve been captured billowing in the breeze. Sticking with the garland theme, Tara at One Stylish Party has a great tutorial which shows you how to make your own to string up; either space them out as she’s done, or push them closer together for maximum puffiness.

We dedicated our main picture to what we thought was the most ingenious way to work paper pom poms into your wedding or celebration – as a piñata! Featured on the Kate Landers Events website, you can head over and discover how to make your very own decorated floral version, with just a balloon and some (well, quite a lot!) of tissue paper.

Lastly, we found some great paper pom poms over at Lia Griffith; used as gift toppers, the tutorial is slightly different to making traditional round poms, but just as simple and beautifully effective. 

Pinwheel wedding posies

Above: Lisa and Keith at Green Wedding Shoes

Beautiful pinwheel wedding

Above: Leslie and Nolan at Green Wedding Shoes

Pinwheel wedding aisle

Pinwheel arch

Above: Lauren and Jeff at Green Wedding Shoes


Above: Molly and Logan at Pinwhirls

Paper Pinwheels

When we made our paper pinwheels, we used them on place settings and attached them to sticks, but we found loads of great examples of alternative uses all over the internet. Over on one of our favourite wedding sites, Green Wedding Shoes, three couples were embracing everything pinwheel-related; Lisa and Keith incorporated them into bouquets and cleverly used them as alternatives to button-hole flowers for the guys, Leslie and Nolan mixed them in with flowers and used them to decorate the ends of the seating area (check out those paperchains as well!), and Lauren and Jeff incorporated them into an incredibly impressive arch-style decoration which stood behind the celebrant during the service.

On the Pinwhirls website, we found the wedding of Molly and Logan, who had chosen pinwheels as their overall theme; from the save-the-date cards to the flowers and favours, pinwheels were ever present – we particularly liked the way they even delicately placed a few on their wedding cake!

Wonderful fanwheels

From left: Craftaholics Anonymous, Carissa and Austen at Poptastic Bride and From Mizzou to Missoula

Paper Fanwheels

The paper fanwheels were probably our favourite craft of the Summer Decor series; incredibly quick and simple to put together, and really addictive to make, we strung ours up and used them to decorate an otherwise plain wall. When we looked around, they seemed to be popping up at plenty of weddings; Carissa and Austen, featured on Poptastic Bride, mixed them in with beautiful origami paper cranes, using them to decorate the ends of their seating areas, and stringing them from nearby trees.

Moving away from the wedding theme, crafter Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous has a great tutorial on making fanwheels and displaying them with flowers, while Brittany at From Mizzou to Missoula uses fanwheels to make a pretty nifty little Spring wreath for the front door.


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