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Beautiful Button Christmas Cards

19 December 2014  |  Nicola

Button Christmas card with matching envelope

In the second of our series of DIY Christmas card tutorials, we’re using next-to-nothing to create some lovely handmade cards, which will definitely find themselves in the centre of the mantelpiece this season.

Card blanks, washi tape and buttons

You Will Need:

Card blanks

Buttons of various colours

Washi tape

A glue gun

1. Decide what picture you want to make, and then choose the relevant coloured buttons. Have a play around, and draft out the layout. We decided to make a tree, with a star and pot, but there are some great versions online with wreaths, baubles and even gingerbread houses.

Coloured buttons and card blanks

2. Starting from the top of the design, lift each button, apply a small amount of glue and press it in place. Work your way through until all of the buttons have been fixed to the card.

3. Finish your design off with some washi tape, or any other trimmings you fancy.

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