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DIY Festive Paper Shapes

9 December 2014  |  Nicola

Festive paper shape hung on a tree

Origami shapes are great fun to make, and they look lovely strung up as a garland, or hung on the Christmas tree – but they can be tricky to make. Today, we’ve got a tutorial for simple 3D paper shapes which take minutes to make, and look just as good as the more complicated versions. Get folding!

Christmas scrapbook papers and cookie cutters

You Will Need:

Printed scrapbook paper

Plain white card



Things to decorate with; beads, washi tape and buttons are all great.

1. Decide what shapes you want your ornaments to be, then make some templates on the white card and cut them out.

Paper shapes made from scrapbook paper

2. Each ornament needs four matching shapes to construct it, so choose your paper designs, then draw round the templates and cut them out.

3. Fold your shapes in half (with the print on the inside), then begin by adding glue to one side of the first one. Line another shape up against it, and hold in place until the glue bonds. Repeat all the way round, until you have all four shapes glued into your ornament.

Cut out paper shapes and washi tape

4. Add some decoration to your ornament, then thread a needle with cotton and pierce a hole in the top. Pull the thread through, then secure with a knot at the top.

5. Hang on your tree, or string up as a garland and enjoy!

Christmas bauble paper shapes

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