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Tuesday, 29 July 2014  |  Nicola
Fingerprints for Special Occasions

When it comes to adding an individual touch, you don’t get much more personal than using fingerprints; from children’s birthday invitations to save-the-date cards, baby growth charts and guest books, incorporating fingerprints into the design can make your items that little bit more special.

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Friday, 4 July 2014  |  Nicola
The Summer Decor Series: Our Favourite Inspirations

To round up our Summer Decor series, we decided to have a look online to see how other crafters, makers, brides and grooms were working with paper to add bright and cheerful details to their homes and celebrations.

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Tuesday, 3 June 2014  |  Nicola
The Summer Decor Series: Pretty Pinwheels

We’ve arrived at the fourth and final tutorial in our Summer Decor series, and continuing with the paper theme, this time we’re making decorative pinwheels in all colours and sizes.

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014  |  Nicola
The StickyTiger Summer Decor Series: Simple Fanwheels

In the third edition of our summer decor series, we’re having an adventure with scrapbooking card and printed paper with a couple of easy peasy decorative fanwheels.

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Tuesday, 13 May 2014  |  Nicola

A tutorial for easy peasy honeycomb decorations. Great for anything from adorning churches and reception venues for weddings, to stringing up from trees and fences for a summer garden party, these versatile little paper accessories are both simple to make and incredibly addictive.

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Monday, 12 May 2014  |  Nicola
The Summer Decor Series: DIY Paper Pom Poms

Puffy, floaty and slightly ethereal, we love a good paper pom pom here at StickyTiger, and we also love how many different ways there are to use them.

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Sunday, 26 January 2014  |  Nicola
Bright and Cheerful Heart Accessories

Make these pendants the ideal gift for a friend or loved one (or even to yourself), and will last longer than a box of Quality Street and some supermarket flowers.

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