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Rustic Wooden Tree Decorations

17 December 2014  |  Nicola

Wooden disc decorations with berries and foliage

While we do love our bright coloured garlands, fluffy pompoms and cheery jewel-toned baubles, it has to be said that sometimes rustic decorations definitely have a certain kind of charm. Crisp foliage and glistening red berries look beautiful in the candle light, and can be easily made into tree decorations with some simple wooden discs and a trusty glue gun.

Wooden discs, letter stamps and winter foliage

You Will Need:

Some large wooden discs with holes drilled in the top

Bakers twine

Foliage and berries

Letter stamps

Versacraft Ink Pad in black

Festive scrapbook paper (optional)

Washi tape

A glue gun

A craft knife

Sharp scissors

1. Start by arranging your berries and foliage on top of your wooden discs, leaving enough space for any lettering you want to stamp on.

2. If you’re using a couple of pieces to decorate with, you might find it easier to bunch it all together in using a small piece of washi tape, rather than trying to glue it all on individually – simply cut a piece of tape and place it face down, lie the foliage on top and wrap the edges over so the join is at the back.

Wooden discs and washi tape

3. To decorate the reverse of your disc, simply draw around the edge onto some scrapbook paper and cut your shape out. Fix it down using strong all-purpose glue, then trim around the edge using a craft knife.

Wooden disc decorations with berries and rosemary

4. Using the hot glue gun, fix your foliage in place, and then stamp on any words or phrases; short words like ‘peace’ and ‘joy’ are great for festive decorations, and don’t look too squashed on the disc.

5. Attach some bakers twine, then string up and admire!

Festive wooden discs hung with pine cones and dried orange slices

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