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Super Easy Pop-Up Valentines's Card

10 February 2015  |  Nicola

Easy DIY pop-up Valentine's card

If you’ve decided to opt for a DIY or homemade Valentine’s card for that special someone this year, forget the flower cut-outs and stamped hearts, and impress your loved one with a DIY pop-up card – they’re really easy to make, but they don’t have to know that!

Patterned scrapbook paper for Valentine's cardmaking

You Will Need:

Printed scrapbook card

A card blank

Letter and heart templates

A sharp pencil

A craft knife and cutting board

Sharp scissors

Sticky backed foam pads

Glue or spray mount

Washi tape (to decorate)

1. Start by deciding on the design of your pop-up section, and draw it out roughly. The best way is to use the crease of the card as a guideline – that way, everything stays pretty central.

Drawing the design onto the card blank

2. When drawing, make sure that all the elements of your design are touching at some point – it’s a bit like cutting out paper dolls; they all need to be holding hands!

Cutting out the pop-up design with the craft knife

3. Using the craft knife, begin to cut out your design, making sure that each end stays joined to the card, as in the picture above.

4. Once you’ve finished cutting, ease the design away from the card, and pop it forward so it stands out in 3D. That’s the pop-up part finished – so easy!

5. Take a piece of scrapbook card or paper that has a design you like on both sides, then trim it to be the same size as your card when opened out.

6. Using the glue or spray mount (spray mount is quicker and less messy), attach the scrapbook paper to the outside of the card, so it acts as a sort of cover. Allow the glue to dry and then trim around the edges so they’re flush with the card blank.

Decorating the card with washi tape and scrapbook paper

7. Add a bit of colour to the inside of your card with cut-outs and washi tape, then pop into an envelope and impress your loved one on the big day!

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